This would be a corner,
If the Internet weren't round;
This might be a sight to see,
But it's more about sound.

This is not a point in time
And scarce a dot in space--
But though it's neither here nor there,
It's me, in any case.

Well ok, if not "me," at least things I've done...but I'm sure it was not Kuato (from the movie Total Recall) who first said, "You are what you do."

For information on how to reach me, see my Contact and Support Information page.

For a slowly growing set of audio articles that I believe define me and my beliefs and philosophy, often with a Christian angle, see the Readouts, readouts/000 being the one that explains how they work and why they are called readouts.

Current (or at least currently useful) Projects

For convenience, this list is alphabetical, except where it's not in order to group related projects.

Fossilized Projects

These projects are old and no longer supported but remain here for reference.