Contact and Support Information
Doug Lee
Last updated January 8, 2024

These are the various ways to reach me and/or obtain assistance with my various projects. I list these in order of personal preference, highest first.

Note: If a particular category or project (e.g., professional or Skype) has a specific support channel listed here, please try that before contacting me directly for that category or project. This is why I list all those before general contact methods.

Screen reader users: Please scan through headings, such as with h in JAWS. Simply tabbing among or listing links will lose some context.

Table of Contents

Business Inquiries

I do JAWS scripting and small software development projects professionally. Inquiries and support requests for these may be directed to the email address you get by putting "info," an at sign, and the normal writing of "dlee dot software" together. (I use this funny way to give out the address to avoid bot harvesting.)

Skype JAWS Script Support

The first and preferred support avenue for all of my Skype-related projects is the SkypeEnglish Mailing List. Projects in this category include

Perhaps ironically, my second favorite place to support Skype is within Telegram; see the "Project Support Via Telegram" section for details.

As of October, 2023, I also have a Skype group where I announce and support my projects; but this group is currently very small and requires me to add people on request. If you would prefer to see updates via Skype, contact me with your Skype name.

BX Support

Because BX is primarily for JAWS scripters, the preferred avenue for support for that project is often the JAWSScripts mailing list.

Project Support Via Telegram

I have a Telegram channel at devoted to project update announcements. Feel free to join this channel via that link to see my project update announcements and related posts. There is also a linked Telegram group for project-related discussion and feedback, which you can reach from that link or from a button on the channel's screen in Telegram clients. If you don't have Telegram or a Telegram account, you can still view my channel posts at without joining. This channel-and-group pair are preferred over Twitter/X as a means of project-related communication.

Project Support Via Discord

First advertised in October, 2023, I have a Discord community server for announcing project updates and providing support for projects. This server is intended to complement, not replace, the Telegram presence just mentioned. I offer this in case more blind people use Discord than Telegram. Besides the obligatory channels required for Discord community servers, of course including the channel for server rules, the server includes a general project discussion channel as well as an announcements channel. The announcements channel is where I will announce project updates. This channel may be "followed" by other Discord servers; this causes the announcements to duplicate into chosen channels on those servers.

Contacting Me Via Twitter/X

I have two accounts on this platform:

Note that I am not good at following everyone who follows me, though sometimes I watch specific timelines separately.

Contacting Me Via Email

You can arrive at my personal email address by putting "projects," an at sign, and the normal writing of "dlee dot org" together. (I use this funny way to give out the address to avoid bot harvesting, as I did in the Business Inquiries section.)