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Tools on this page are intended for TeamTalk server administrators. The following warnings apply:

TT4LogSum - Summarizer of TeamTalk Server Logs

This utility scans one or more TeamTalk server log files and produces, on STDOUT, a summary of the files' contents.

Specify 0 or more file and/or folder names on the command line. Named files should be TT4 logs and will be processed. Named folders will be recursively scanned for logs, and each will be processed. If no files or folders are given, "." is assumed, which means all tt4svc.log files in and under the currently active folder will be processed.. A file is considered to be a TT4 log if the name matches tt4svc.log*. Any file not matching this is quietly skipped, unless it is explicitly listed on the command line. List "-" to process stdin.

Output consists of line categories and counts found of each. The name of each processed file is also included, this list being above the statistical output described below.

For each of several line types, the name and number of occurrences is shown. Any line not matching a known type will appear in a dynamic category. The category will consist of the line with commonly unique elements replaced, and with a possible prefix indicating things like "no timestamp." "Commonly unique elements" include IP/TCP/UPD addresses, nicknames, etc. This all means that unrecognized lines are grouped sensibly by what they say. Dynamic entries will appear below known types, sorted by decreasing frequency.

If more than one million lines of data are processed, a line indicating how many million have been processed so far is sent to stderr, so very long-running analyses don't look stalled. (This feature was prompted by a 32 gig, 349 million line analysis run in 2010.)

Sample output:

File tt4svc.log
Line frequencies and types:
      60032  total log lines
        434  drops for inactivity
          4  server starts
          3  server stops
       3895  user connects
       3866  user disconnects
       3582  user logins
       3553  user logouts
      21256  user status updates
      10128  channel joins
      10101  channel leaves
        194  kicks from channel
          4  kicks from channel with no kicker ID
         25  kicks from server
        134  bans from server
         61  unbans from server
          0  logins denied due to ban
          0  login account authentication failures
          0  channel creates
          0  channel updates
          0  channel removals
       2065  messages to users
        662  messages to channels
          4  broadcast messages
          0  custom messages
          3  data transfer stat entries
         28  {empty lines}
         27  {<no user number> Failed assertion m_stream == NULL || IsAuthorized() in file ../libteamtalk/teamtalk/server/ServerUser.cpp at line 1208}
          1  {<no timestamp> Unable to launch server using IP-address :: TCP port 10336 UDP port 10336.}
          1  {<no timestamp> Make sure the ports are not currently in use.}
          1  {<no user number> Failed assertion ite != m_setUsedIDs.end() in file ../libteamtalk/teamtalk/IDGenerator.cpp at line 58}

The final four entries in the above sample are dynamic entries as described earlier.

Revision history:

March 25, 2013
First public release, including many improvements and cleanups.
December 4, 2010
First running version.

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