TeamTalk Resources
Doug Lee
Last Revised October, 2023

This page is a jump-off point for TeamTalk-related resources provided on this website.

TeamTalk Qt Client Support and Migration Tools

As of August, 2021, the TeamTalk Classic client is considered legacy; accessibility has been rolled into the TeamTalk Qt client. The Classic client is no longer available or necessary.

For help migrating settings and servers from Classic to Qt, refer to the TeamTalk Classic To Qt Migration Guide on this site. A tool for migrating servers from the Classic client to the Qt client is available from that page as a direct executable download.

See the Fate of TeamTalk Classic article on the TeamTalk home page for further details on this transition and why it was done.

The TeamTalk 5 Qt client JAWS scripts provide support for the Qt client beyond what is already included natively within it.

This author does not know of an NVDA add-on for the TeamTalk Qt client but also does not know of one being necessary.

Miscellaneous Utilities

TTConv, the TeamTalk configuration file converter, is a tool that simplifies migration from Classic to Qt but that can also produce an HTML file or a set of TeamTalk .tt files for an entire set of TeamTalk servers at once. This latter capability may be of particular benefit to TeamTalk users who share server lists among computers and phones and who use a file sharing service such as Dropbox to exchange files among devices.

The TeamTalk Audio File Fixer (TAFF) fixes TeamTalk Opus audio recordings made by TeamTalk clients older than 5.7, so that most media players can play them properly. For recordings made by TeamTalk versions 5.7 and later, simply renaming .ogg files to .opus will improve media player support.

The TeamTalk Commander (TTCom) is a command-line interface to TeamTalk that eases some administrative tasks and also supports simultaneous connections to multiple servers in order to make it easier to find people to talk to. TTCom does not itself support audio connections though.

tt, the TeamTalk Server Box Administration Utility, simplifies many TeamTalk server administrative tasks, including setup and removal, configuration for automatic launch at system start, server updating, and server log analysis.