JAWS Scripts For Rig Manager
Doug Lee
Last Revised October, 2021

This document describes the JAWS scripts for Rig Manager and provides tips for using this application with JAWS. This document can be opened from within the application via a double press of JAWSKey+F1 (or Insert+F1) when the scripts are running.

Table of Contents

System Requirements For JAWS Users

There are no known system requirements for these scripts beyond those for Rig Manager itself. The minimum JAWS version supported is 16.0. JAWS versions older than 2018 have not been carefully tested with these scripts.

Script Installation Instructions

To install these scripts on a new system:

  1. Load JAWS if this has not already been done. This will require administrative privileges on the computer.
  2. Run JAWS as the user for whom the scripts are to be installed. This and the following steps must be performed for each user of the computer who will be using JAWS with these scripts.
  3. Download and run, or run directly, the installer for these scripts; and follow the on-screen directions. Be sure to install the scripts in the currently running JAWS version if a JAWS version list is presented.
  4. To verify successful installation, type Insert+Q from within the application. Part of the JAWS spoken response should be a revision number. If you do not hear a revision number, the scripts are not correctly loaded. In some cases, restarting JAWS may fix this issue.

Script Features In Brief

The scripts provide the following keystrokes and features in addition to those provided by Rig Manager:

Tips For Using Rig Manager

When moving up and down through grid rows with arrow keys, avoid arrowing much faster than JAWS can speak. Due to application behavior in some grids and despite script efforts to prevent this, doing so can sometimes cause focus to move into another column and/or begin altering the contents of a cell unexpectedly.

Known Issues

Issues shown in this section may be fixed in future script and/or application revisions but are not addressed as of this writing.

Immediately after using Esc to exit a combo box and return to its grid cell, Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down will move among cells instead of changing the current cell value. This is because at that moment, the application does not allow arrow keys to edit the cell. A workaround is to move off of and back onto the cell before altering its value with the scripted Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down commands.

Some grid cells are bitmap images and say things like "system.drawing.bitmap" instead of saying something useful.

Navigating up or down too quickly can suddenly move focus into and/or start altering an editable cell in another column in some grids. This is because the application natively forces focus into editable cells when up and down arrows are pressed in some grids, and rapid navigation can cause arrow keys to reach the application before focus has settled from a previous navigation.

When an edit box or other editing control is focused for a grid cell, JAWS may say a row number that is one less than the actual row number. This is because the application names grid rows starting at 0 instead of 1. The scripts correct this during grid navigation but may miss a few cases.

Revision History

This section consists of the revision history of these scripts, most recent revision first.

Revision 44, released November 2, 2021, tested against application version

Revision 40, released October 29, 2021, tested against application version

Revision 32, February 11, 2020

Revision 25, September 9, 2018, tested against application version

Updated release with Alt+Left/Right commands for left-clicking and right-clicking grid column headers.

Revision 17, September 2, 2018

Second test release with updated grid navigation support.

Revision 16, September 1, 2018

First test release.