Ham Radio Resources
Doug Lee
Last Revised June, 2022

This page is a jump-off point for ham-related resources provided on this website.

Radioddity's DMR

There are JAWS scripts for Radioddity's DMR, also called GD-77S Software. The scripts cover the older original DMR versions, the newer AccessibleGD77CPS branch, and presumably (though this is untested) the OpenGD77CPS branch.

Russell Breitenstein (KN4MLR) prepared a 42-minute podcast audio tutorial on programming the GD77s using this application with these scripts. The link provided here is to a copy of the file on this author's website, posted because the original May, 2019 Dropbox link is no longer valid.

RT Systems RadioEngine

There are JAWS scripts for programmers based on the RT Systems RadioEngine V5. These scripts were originally written by Joseph Stephen (2018-2019) and taken over with his permission by this author in 2022.


There are JAWS scripts for NetLogger. This app is largely accessible already, but the scripts improve field naming and reduce some instances of extraneous speech.


There are JAWS scripts for WinLink. These are in a very early stage but may still be of use.