JAWS Scripts For TeamSpeak

General Information

This page is laid out for easy navigation via JAWS:

Version 30

This is a set of scripts for JAWS to help manage the Windows TeamSpeak client. Documentation of script usage and features can be viewed by typing Insert+F1 twice in quick succession from within TeamSpeak while these scripts are running.

This script version is dynamic, meaning that updates to it will be made "in place." Newer revisions will replace older ones, and I will add change notes to this section as changes are made.

Here are the changes in this release, most recent first. In JAWS, use the h or 3 keys to move through changes by release date, or Tab to jump straight to the download links.

Revision 183, released November 25, 2018

Note that there is some incomplete code in this release for handling tree-grid controls, such as found in Channel Permissions. This control type does not work well yet with JAWS.

Revision 176, released August 4, 2018

Revision 175, released August 2, 2018

Revision 171, released September 2, 2017

Installer updates:

Revision 170, released August 31, 2017

Revision 165, released November 8, 2016

Revision 148, released August 10, 2016

Arrowing to a semi-permanent channel in the channel tree now says "Semi-Permanent channel" instead of "Semi- channel."

Revision 144, released December 15, 2015

This revision fixes the installer's ability to install into non-English JAWS 17 folders and makes sure to compile in compatibility mode to make translated jsm files work as expected.

Revision 142, released November 30, 2015

Revision 136, released September 30, 2015

The main change in this revision is that the installer works in JAWS 17 public beta 2. The change is necessary because of a change in script compiler flags between public betas 1 and 2 of JAWS 17.

Revision 131, released August 4, 2015

Revision 128, released July 24, 2015

The extra information reported on navigating among channel tree items now works under TeamSpeak 3.0.17.

Revision 126, released July 3, 2015

After much experimentation and a number of battles with QT5, it's time for a major script update.

Note: This update works with TeamSpeak 3.0.16, which uses QT 5.21. These scripts will probably not work well with older TeamSpeak versions.

New features:

Revision 62, released February 28, 2014

Revision 57, released January 7, 2014

This is the first script revision that supports TeamSpeak client version, which is a beta TeamSpeak client as of this writing and which seems to fix numerous crashes that occur in older TeamSpeak clients. Thanks to Zack Benton for pointing out this beta and how to install it. Click here for the Frequently Asked Questions section on how to get the TeamSpeak beta.

Changes in this JAWS script revision:

Revision 47, released September 10, 2013

It is now possible to turn on/off the speaking of message timestamps on Alt+numbers/arrows via the JAWS Quick Settings dialog accessed with JAWSKey+V.

The "Radius" and "Angle" spin boxes on the setup screen for 3D sound are now named correctly.

Triplets of fields for setting limits on what servers appear in the Server List screen are better named. These triplets consist of a checkbox followed by spin boxes for minimum and maximum values for user count and slots.

More occasions where JAWS incorrectly said "Status bar not found" are fixed.

Revision 39, released August 11, 2013

Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause chat commands to fail with the message, "Not in main window," even when focus is in the main window.

Revision 36, released August 11, 2013

Revision 35, released August 11, 2013

Revision 26, released August 6, 2013

As the user arrows through the channel tree, some extra information may be spoken about the highlighted entry. Currently, the extra items announced are

Revision 22, released August 5, 2013

Initial release, with the following features:

Consult the users guide for more details.

Download: Version 30 executable installer (can also open with 7Zip)