Effects of the JAWS 2018 August Update On My Skype Scripts

This page documents and tracks progress in addressing various problems resulting from the August, 2018 update to JAWS 2018. This page was last updated August 21, 2018, at 6:20 PM US Eastern time.

General Notes

I would like to thank Freedom Scientific for working directly and timely with me to find resolutions to all of the below issues. As it turns out, my initial understandings of these issues were not entirely correct. (I knew this was a possibility because of how fast I was posting in order to warn people before they applied the JAWS update.)

The two Skype 8 issues below were caused by one change in JAWS; namely, a change in how scripts are loaded for Electron apps, of which Skype 8 is one. Details on the two effects of this change appear below with their respective issues.

The Skype 7 issue below was caused by a miscommunication regarding how Skype scripts for Skype 7 and 8 will be loaded by JAWS internally going forward. Amusingly, the issue can reasonably be said to be caused by two missing characters in a file called ConfigNames.ini. This issue could be resolved by Freedom Scientific or by me, but I believe it makes more sense for me to resolve it because it is easier for me to release updates very quickly.

I intend to release solutions for all of the below problems before close of business Wednesday, August 22.

Problems Observed

In Skype 8 (Electron):

In Skype 7 (Classic):