My Professional Scripting

In addition to my volunteer scripting and programming projects, I do professional scripting work. I am employed as a Senior Accessibility Programmer by SSB BART Group, a company with headquarters in Virginia and California and offices in various other locations. In this capacity, I have written scripts for a variety of companies and government agencies. Examples include a division of Delta Air Lines, CarMax, several banks and credit card companies, and numerous call centers throughout the United States. I have also done professional work for SSB in Canada and once had the wonderful opportunity to visit Estonia and work with Skype on accessibility.

I do not accept paid, non-SSB scripting contracts or positions, though I heartily encourage anyone interested in my scripting services to contact SSB BART Group to arrange for an engagement. I take on volunteer projects on occasion, usually to improve the usability of applications I have reason to use myself. Sometimes I may be able to examine an application for an hour or two to see what could be done without requiring a formal arrangement, but I reserve the right to accept or decline such requests based on available time.

Finally, I personally and strongly support the continuing and increasing inclusion of persons who are blind into the work force, and I am very happy to serve, both voluntarily and professionally, in a capacity that lets me be a part of making this happen.

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